"Together We Are One, Apart We Are None"

If you are visiting this website for the 1st time, welcome... If you are a past viewer you may have noticed a significant change. Its been awhile since I have touched my last attempts of web publishing, due to many things going on in my life and in the life of the Arellano's that I have decided to take down the entire site and try something completely new.
No more favorites or posting of hobbies, but information about my life and the life of those around me.


  • Retired from the Air Force (20yrs,3days)
  • Still married (24yrs +)
  • Received my BA in Organizational Management from Warner Southern College
  • Black Belt (Shodan) in Okinawan Karate "Shorin Ryu". School attendedl Shorin Ryu
  • Worked as a contractor for a great company, bd Systems, they are now a part of SAIC.
  • Working for the Air Force again, but this time as a civilian.
  • I decided to create a site that is dedicated to all things Babylon 5, one of my favorite shows. I know this may seem a bit overboard, but oh well...hope you enjoy.
  • My kids decided they wanted to create some videos for fun...hope you like them...Videos.
  • I have also started training in Mix Martial Arts at a local fight school Fighters Alley


Sunset from my Home